Spend Less Time on Paperwork and More Time on Building Your Business

Our promise - the fastest permanent
life application you’ve ever experienced1

Our carriers signed up to provide your clients with an expedited application process and less stringent need for medical exams, saving both you and your clients valuable time.

Best of both worlds - digital simplicity with human expertise

Our smart technology provides a fully digital experience and recommends you the best policies from more than 170 thousand alternatives while our friendly and knowledgeable agents are always available through chat, phone, and e-mail to help you get the perfect policy.

Pressure-free application and servicing with no upselling

Our staff is not compensated through individual commissions and will not push your clients to get products or add-ons they can’t afford.

Become attractive to young, affluent and DIY clients

Let your clients know you stay on top of new technology by offering them the digital experience that they have come to expect.

Helping Your Clients Leverage the Full Power of Life Insurance

We offer convenient solutions from origination to servicing, making it convenient for you and your clients to get quick quotes and applications, secured loans, and 1035 exchanges to fully leverage the power of life insurance.

Offer Your Clients a Pandemic Proof Digital Experience

We help you offer your clients simple and sleek digital experiences that are always available and more attractive to remote and isolated clients.

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1: The time to apply for a policy depends on the profile of the insured person and the policy size, and can be longer than the mentioned timeframe if the case does not fit the guidelines our insurance carriers have established for an accelerated application process.