Life insurance meets investing

The product forgotten by everyone but the wealthy.

The two main types of life insurance

(and why we specialize in one of them)

Term life insurance

✔ Pays money to loved ones upon death
✖ Valid for 10-30 years
✖ Can not be used as security for loans
✖ Is not an investment

Permanent life insurance

✔ Pays money to loved ones upon death
✔ Valid until you die
✔ Can be used as security for loans
✔ Includes tax-free investment account with guaranteed dividends

How investing through life insurance works

1. Fund your Cash Value

When you invest in a permanent life insurance policy, a part of your money will go towards what’s called a cash value.

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2. The Cash Value Grows

Your cash value can feature minimum guaranteed dividends, or stock market participation without the risk of loss, all tax free for life.

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3. Access Income, Loans,
and Life Insurance

Use the dividends for your lifestyle, take loans on the policy to make leveraged investments, and protect your loved ones with life insurance.

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The solution to risky markets

A solid foundation for riskier bets

Markets like stocks and real estate are a good way to complement your portfolio and can help you get higher total returns. However, they do experience regular cycles and can result in big losses if you are overexposed.

To counteract market risks, use the security of your life insurance as a buffer that can cover up potential losses amongst the rest of your investments.

As the markets of your risky investment crashes, you can then use loans on your permanent life insurance to buy high quality assets at a heavy discount.

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