The 'Building a Money Machine' Podcast

Easy to understand insights and lessons in achieving financial success delivered to you every week by the White Swan team.


Episode 4: NFTs & Art Investing

This episode talks about the recent hype in NFTs, the characteristics of investing in both digital and physical art, and the risks that lays hidden amongst the market mania.

Episode 3: Assets vs Investments

This episode takes a deep dive into the differences between assets and investments in a portfolio, why your personal home is neither of them, why permanent life insurance is an underrated asset and how to mix assets and investments to achieve your financial goals.

Episode 2: Personal Finance and Financial Literacy

This episode talks about the lack of financial education in the public schooling system and how common misconceptions are causing people to get less value from their money than they could and how the financial industry, central banks, and governments are preying on this lacking financial understanding to further their agenda.

Episode 1: Managing Financial Risk as an Entrepreneur

In this episode we talk about some common risks faced by entrepreneurs and smart ways to handle them across portfolio management, corporate structuring, insurance, tax planning, and much more.