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Invest with guaranteed growth

Stop taking on unlimited risk when investing through the structured returns of permanent life insurance.

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Multiply your money

Access up to 90% of your funds without withdrawing any money using our policy loans, in order to finance your lifestyle and future investments.

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It's tax free.

Money invested through our platform is allowed to grow tax free. Any dividends received will also be tax free (up to your principal investment amount) and life insurance payouts will not be subject to inheritance tax.

Seems to good to be true?

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

In the beginning of the 1900’s, the public invested 50 % of their savings in this vehicle, and it is still heavily used by banks and the wealthy. As Wall Street grew, more risky products with higher commissions appeared, and permanent life insurance was forgotten.

How can it be guaranteed?

Life insurance is a very predictable business, based on statistics and conservative investments. Due to this predictability, the companies we are working with have performed steadily through all major market crashes and can leverage that to offer guarantees for their policyholders.

How can it be tax free?

The US government considers life insurance important for society as a way of helping families get through tough times. Therefore, it has been given favourable tax treatment for 170 years.

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