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Protect and Grow Your Wealth Through the Crisis

Use permanent life insurance to securely save and invest your money in any recession through our digital marketplace

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Our Insurers

Our Promise - the Fastest Permanent
Life Application You’ve Ever Experienced

Our carriers signed up to provide you with an expedited application process and less stringent need for medical exams, saving you valuable time and effort.

Index Investing Without the Losses

Indexed life insurance allows you to make money when stock markets go up but lose nothing when they crash.

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Best of Both Worlds - Digital Simplicity with Human Expertise

Our smart technology provides a fully digital experience and recommends you the best policies from more than 170 thousand alternatives while our friendly and knowledgeable agents are always available through chat, phone, and e-mail to help you get the perfect policy.

High Savings Rates with Minimum Guarantees

Whole life insurance offers the best savings rates in the market right now without exposing you to any big risk.

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Pressure-Free Application and Servicing With No Upselling

Our staff is not compensated through individual commissions and will not push you to get products or add-ons you can’t afford.

Multiply Your Money

Access up to 90% of your funds without withdrawing any money using our policy loans, in order to finance your lifestyle and future investments.

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It's Tax Free

With our products, capital gains are permanently tax free, loans are received tax free, dividends are tax free up to the point of your cumulative premiums, and death benefits are tax free.

Life Insurance Protects Your Family and Guarantees a Minimum Return

Our savings and investment products are all attached to a life insurance policy, which covers you for your entire life and guarantees a minimum return of your investment as well as protection for your loved ones.

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The White Swan Advantage

By using technology we make it quicker, cheaper and simpler for you to save and invest in permanent life insurance than ever before.

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Seems too Good to be True?

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

In the beginning of the 1900’s, the public invested 50 % of their savings in this vehicle, and it is still heavily used by banks and the wealthy. As Wall Street grew, more risky products with higher commissions appeared, and permanent life insurance was forgotten.

How can returns be guaranteed?

Life insurance is a very predictable business, based on statistics and conservative investments. Due to this predictability, the companies we are working with have performed steadily through all market crashes in modern times and can leverage that to offer guarantees for their policyholders.

How can it be tax free?

The US government considers life insurance important for society as a way of helping families get through tough times. Therefore, it has been given favourable tax treatment for 170 years.