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By using technology we make it quicker, safer and simpler for you to buy permanent life insurance than ever before.

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Through America's top insurers we offer products that can help you build wealth and stay protected.

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Our platform and experts provide independent advice and have nothing but your best interest at heart when we tailor a personal plan for you.

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White Swan's partner platform allows financial advisors, fintechs, and insurance producers to provide their clients with a digital experience for buying and managing life insurance that is unmatched in terms of transparency, flexibility, and simplicity.

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Our goal is two-fold: to provide you with the best possible solution for your needs, and to deliver that solution through the smoothest digital experience ever seen for permanent life insurance.

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Our game-changing process provides a digital experience and allows us to recommend a policy best suited to your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are available to answer any questions you have - and to help you custom-tailor your solution.

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Our platform is built with high security standards to keep you and your clients data safe through features like 2 factor authentication and user accounts.

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Our mix of best in class technology with human service is the modern way of buying life insurance, and getting started is easy.

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1: All growth rates apply to the cash value of permanent life insurance policies, and every dollar spent on insurance premium will not go towards the cash value. Depending on individual preferences policies can be designed with different amounts going towards the cash value, which is explained which is explained in this article . Whole and indexed universal life insurance are not registered investment products and past performance is no guarantee of future results.
2: While the death benefit of a life insurance policy is typically tax free (unless it has been sold to an investor), any withdrawals in the form of dividends or policy loans are only tax free if the policy has been funded according to IRS guidelines (ie. is not a MEC policy), and the policy isn't surrendered (sold back to the insurance company) or lapsed (expired due to lacking payment). White Swan will help you to keep your policy tax efficient.
3: Accessing cash value through policy loans may be done on a tax-free basis under most circumstances. Excessive loaning, lower than expected performance of the policy, and/or increased charges may require you to limit the policy or pay loan interest and/or premium payments to prevent the policy from lapsing.