The Best Experience For Buying Permanent Life Insurance

By combining an easy-to-use digital platform with expert agents we bring the life insurance buying experience into the modern age.

Our Digital Experience

Say goodbye to commission driven sales agents showing up at your door with a briefcase. Say hello to White Swan.

Smarter Recommendations

Our independent platform features top insurers and will help determine the best policy for your circumstances - without bias.

Taking The Mystery Out of Permanent Life Insurance

Our platform and experts will help demystify the traditional 40+ page illustration in easy to understand and succinct language.

Quicker Application Process

Our platform streamlines your application process to get you a policy as quickly as possible, often completely without medical exams.

Better Monitoring And Control

We continuously monitor your policy’s performance against alternatives and helps you change policy if it can improve results.

Easier Policy Distributions

Our platform provides easy access to withdrawals or policy loans, letting you easily access cash from your policy for anything you want.

Our Platform is Powered by Insurance Wizards

The insurance experts that built our platform have over half a century of industry experience, and you can speak one-on-one with these same experts at anytime you need support.

Simple or Complex - We Got You Covered

No matter how complex your financial needs are, our experts have the deep knowledge to always find the optimal solutions for you.

No Aggressive Sales Tactics

Our mission is to provide you with the right policy for your needs. We will never use aggressive sales tactics, upsell, or suggest a policy that is not aligned with your goals.

Never Let Your Policy Become An Orphan info-circle

Agents may change jobs or retire. When you purchase a policy from White Swan, your policy will never fall through the cracks: your agent - and the entire White Swan family - are always looking out for you.

If you already have a policy and your agent is out of the business, we can help you too.

Independent Advice, Custom Plans, Top Insurers

Our platform and experts provide independent advice and have nothing but your best interest at heart when we tailor a personal plan for you.

Communicate On Your Terms

Our agents will provide you with the support you need through your preferred method including chat, email, phone or video calls.

Get Started

Our mix of best in class technology with human service is the modern way of buying life insurance, and getting started is easy.

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