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White Swan is a platform that uses smart technology and experts with decades of experience to bring you a next generation experience of buying permanent life insurance and using it to enrich your life.

Our mission is to help you live a more financially stable life by providing simple digital access to the powerful features of permanent life, such as guarantees against losses, competitive returns, and tax advantages.1 2

We are independent and offer you access to the entire universe of permanent life insurance policy types. For each type, we partner with several of the most competitive and highest rated insurance carriers to bring you the best policies and help you get the most amount of value from them throughout your life.

We distinguish ourselves by blending human expertise with a digital experience that covers the full cycle of using permanent life; from finding the optimal policy, to the quickest application, through monitoring and accessing money from the policy during your life. 3

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The Story Behind the Name

A black swan event is an unpredictable event with severe consequences.

In the financial markets, these events have continuously caused people to lose large amounts of money - on a societal level through market crashes, and on a personal level through bad investment luck.

White Swan was created to provide a financial antidote to black swan events - and help you keep your money safe by providing easy access to the safe haven of life insurance.

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1: All growth rates apply to the cash value of permanent life insurance policies, and every dollar spent on insurance premium will not go towards the cash value. Depending on individual preferences policies can be designed with different amounts going towards the cash value, which is explained which is explained in this article . Whole and indexed universal life insurance are not registered investment products and past performance is no guarantee of future results.
2: While the death benefit of a life insurance policy is typically tax free (unless it has been sold to an investor), any withdrawals in the form of dividends or policy loans are only tax free if the policy has been funded according to IRS guidelines (ie. is not a MEC policy), and the policy isn't surrendered (sold back to the insurance company) or lapsed (expired due to lacking payment). White Swan will help you to keep your policy tax efficient.
3: Accessing cash value through policy loans may be done on a tax-free basis under most circumstances. Excessive loaning, lower than expected performance of the policy, and/or increased charges may require you to limit the policy or pay loan interest and/or premium payments to prevent the policy from lapsing.