Have the Cake and Eat it Too with Indexed Life Insurance

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Real Projections for a Sample Indexed Life Owner1

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Equity Linked Growth With Loss Protection2

Get cash value growth when the market goes up but lose nothing when the markets crash.

The White Swan Advantage3

By using technology we make it quicker, cheaper and simpler for you to save in cash value life insurance than ever before.

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The Challenge with Traditional Index Investing

Historically equity indexes have crashed on average every 7th year since 1900. During these crashes, most index investors lose money due to having to liquidate their positions, or they have to wait for a long time to recover their losses (25 years for index investors in the great depression of 1929).

How Indexed Life Insurance Provides A Safer Alternative

By providing a 0 % floor for growth you never have to sell at a loss or wait for your portfolio to recover any losses, while still getting the opportunity to participate in part of the market gains.

Establish A Foundation For Your Legacy

Protect your loved ones in the event of your death through the death benefit component of an indexed life policy.

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A Permanent Tax Planning Tool, Unlike a 401(k) or IRA4

Cash value life insurance can work like a turbocharged Roth IRA without having any contribution limits.

Access Liquidity Through Policy Loans6

We make it simpler than ever before to take out loans for anything you want using your policy as a security.

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1. The data in the sample plans are only examples, based on policies issued to a 35 year old man in excellent health, and details will be different for you. All metrics are based off the non-guaranteed, assumed values of the corresponding illustration with a top carrier.
2: All growth rates apply to the cash value of permanent life insurance policies, and every dollar spent on insurance premium will not go towards the cash value. Depending on individual preferences policies can be designed with different amounts going towards the cash value, which is explained in this article. Whole and indexed universal life insurance are not registered investment products and past performance is no guarantee of future results.
3: The time to obtain a policy depends on the profile of the insured person, the specifics of the policy, and the underwriting guidelines of the carrier, and the time frame can be longer than referenced if the case does not fit the guidelines our insurance carriers have established for an accelerated application process. In these cases, traditional underwriting including medical exams might be required.
4: While the death benefit of a life insurance policy is typically tax free (unless it has been sold to an investor), any withdrawals in the form of dividends or policy loans are only tax free if the policy has been funded according to IRS guidelines, and the policy isn't surrendered (sold back to the insurance company) or lapsed (expired due to lacking payment). White Swan will help you to keep your policy tax efficient.
5: Money accessed from cash value life insurance is only received tax free if the policy has not been classified as a Modified Endowment Policy (ie. have been funded too quickly). Further, direct withdrawals from the policy are only tax free up to the point of the cumulative premiums paid into the policy. After the total premiums paid into the policy has been withdrawn, a policyowner can still access funds tax free through loans secured by the policy, as long as the policy stays in force.
6: Accessing cash value through policy loans may be done on a tax-free basis under most circumstances. Excessive loaning, lower than expected performance of the policy, and/or increased charges may require you to limit the policy or pay loan interest and/or premium payments to prevent the policy from lapsing.