Affordable Protection Without The Cash Value

Term info-circle and Guaranteed Universal Life info-circle are great options to get affordable death benefit protection without any cash value.

Real Projections for a Sample Guaranteed Universal Life Owner2

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The Differences Between Term And Guaranteed Universal Life

Common Uses For Guaranteed Universal Life

In addition to the benefits above, guaranteed universal life can also help you with needs like:
Leaving a financial legacy for your loved ones to keep them safe and happy.
Covering costs like estate taxes, funeral fees, or other costs post mortem.
Ensuring business continuity by providing funding for buyout of deceased partner.
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Common Uses For Term Life

Term life can help you with temporary protection needs such as:
Already contributing to a permanent policy but need more temporary coverage
Replace income, secure loan, or pay off mortgage in case of premature death
Get protection that can be converted into a permanent policy later
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1: The data above is only an example, based on a policy issued to a 35 year old man in excellent health, and details will be different for you. All metrics are based off the non-guaranteed, assumed values of the corresponding illustration with a top carrier.
2: The time to obtain a policy depends on the profile of the insured person, the specifics of the policy, and the underwriting guidelines of the carrier, and the time frame can be longer than referenced if the case does not fit the guidelines our insurance carriers have established for an accelerated application process. In these cases, traditional underwriting including medical exams might be required.