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Our Two Main Types of Life Insurance

Why We Focus on Permanent Life Insurance

Most people lose money on term life policies, simply because they outlive the term of their policy. While premiums for permanent life are higher, they are not a cost like term life, since they have a savings or investment account and gives you coverage for life along with loan options.


Virtually impossible to lose money with minimum returns and lifetime coverage
Tax-free for life unlike a 401(k), IRA, or annuity
Can be leveraged as a security for loans used for lifestyle or investments

When Term Life Insurance Might Make Sense

Already investing in a permanent policy but need higher coverage
Ensure repayment of mortgage or family income in case of death
Not interested in tax-free, low risk high return saving and investing but need life insurance

Whether Term or Permanent, We Got Your Back

Skip Medical Exams
We use accelerated underwriting which allows some applicants to get a policy with no medical exams.
Skip Waiting
Get signed up for both permanent and term life insurance quicker than ever before.

We Offer Two Types of Permanent Life Insurance

An alternative to savings accounts or government bonds with minimum returns of 4 % and current returns of 6.5 %.
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A better way of doing index investing with stock market returns without stock market losses.
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The White Swan Advantage

By using technology we make it quicker, cheaper and simpler for you to save in whole life insurance than ever before.

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