High Risk Adjusted Returns to Strengthen Your Portfolio

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A Stable Base Layer for Your Portfolio

Use permanent life insurance to absorb losses in your risky investments like stocks, real estate, or derivatives and provide dependable long-term returns.

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Leveraging Permanent Life to Invest More

The Simple Secret to Profitably Invest More

Make sure that your investment returns are bigger than the low interest you are paying on the secured loan and you will be able to successfully profit the spread.

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A Permanent Tax Planning Tool, Unlike a 401(k) or IRA

Whole life insurance works like a turbocharged Roth IRA by not having contribution limits.

Invest in Real Estate With No Cash Down

By using a secured loan on your permanent life insurance policy to pay a down payment on a property investment you can buy new properties with no cash down.

A Life Insurance is Like a Far OTM Put Option on Your Life

Just like it makes sense to hedge your market portfolio for black swan events, it also makes sense to hedge your portfolio from the risk of your mortality.

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