Ensure Financial Prosperity For Your Family Now and For Future Generations

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Protect Your Loves Ones With Life Insurance

Provide security for your family from the risk of losing one of the breadwinners in the household by getting a life insurance policy.

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Build Multi-Generational Wealth Through Permanent Life Insurance1

Use the secure, tax efficient returns of permanent life insurance to build a family fortune which could be used in your life and by generations to come.

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Preserve and Leverage the Family Fortune Through Your Own Family Bank

Don’t spoil your kids with handouts - give them leverage for their good ideas through secured loans on your permanent life insurance policies and provide the best conditions for the family wealth.

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Retire Securely, Without Taxes2

Use loans on your permanent life insurance policies to access liquidity for retirement, completely without taxes and without cancelling your policies.

Take Care of Your Whole Family,
All in One Place

Easily get the whole family set up with life insurance policies in one place - the younger they are, the cheaper it will be.

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1: All growth rates applies to the cash value of permanent life insurance policies, and every dollar spent on insurance premium will not go towards the cash value. Depending on individual preferences policies can be designed with different amounts going towards the cash value, which is explained in this article. Whole and indexed universal life insurance are not registered investment products and past performance is no guarantee of future results.
2: While the death benefit of a life insurance policy is typically tax free (unless it has been sold to an investor), any withdrawals in the form of dividends or policy loans are only tax free if the policy has been funded according to IRS guidelines, and the policy isn't surrendered (sold back to the insurance company) or lapsed (expired due to lacking payment). White Swan will help you to keep your policy tax efficient.