Using Cash Value Life Insurance to Protect Wealth In Turbulent Times

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Risk Management
Pontus Lagerberg
June 8, 2022

Ever since the Corona pandemic overtook the world, the financial markets have been in a stage of ever-increasing turmoil and instability.

While yields in traditional savings vehicles have dropped to all-time lows, stock markets have been inflated by excessive money printing from the world's central banks.

Investors now are growing increasingly wary of the disconnect between the prices in the financial markets and the real value of the companies behind it, as can be seen in the fact that 2020 saw a 35 % decrease in world GDP while stock indexes climbed about 15 % in the same period.

While this disconnect might have been defensible if the global markets would have recovered from the Corona by now, it is more likely indicative of a crash as new variants of the virus keep holding the world in a state of lockdown for longer than expected.

Some actively traded markets, such as crypto, have already seen a 50 % crash due to this uncertainty, and other markets, such as the stock markets, are starting to crack in the seams.

Because of this uncertainty, intelligent investors are now more than ever looking to re-allocate their assets from asset classes filled with market risk, to more secure safe-haven assets.

The problem with finding safe-haven assets, however, is that with low yields and high inflation, it is virtually impossible for the average investor to find a yield that surpasses the inflation in traditional saving vehicles.

For the one percent, however, this is not a problem, as they are using a secret investment vehicle not often associated with portfolio management that has been around since the 1800s.

This investment vehicle has been used by wealthy families like the Rockefellers, Walt Disney, and Bill Gates to provide stable returns through all market crashes in modern times.

It might not be as sexy as crypto, and it might not be able to help you double your account in a year, but it is guaranteed to never lose you money, and policymakers love it so much that they made the returns from this vehicle completely tax-free.

Like many other elite asset classes, investing in this asset class used to be a complicated, time-consuming process that was best done through the financial advisors that only wanted to work with the wealthiest individuals in society.

Now, however, with the advent of White Swan, that has all changed with their first-of-its-kind digital marketplace for the secret asset class of permanent life insurance, which democratizes access to the benefits of the asset class through an easy to use digital platform.

Permanent life insurance is an umbrella term for life insurance policies that unlike normal term life insurance provides coverage for a full lifetime.

In addition to the life insurance coverage, many of these policies feature what’s called a Cash Value, which works similar to any other investment account, but with some very special features.

When it comes to stability, the cash value in permanent life insurance policies usually comes with minimum guarantees, which works like a floor for your yearly return to guarantee you that you will never have a single year with a negative return.

There are two main policy types within permanent life insurance - whole life insurance, and indexed life insurance.

Whole life insurance, which is the more conservative choice of the two, comes with minimum returns of between 2-4 % and actual returns upwards of 6 %, which is currently almost five times as much as a 10-year treasury bond.

Indexed life insurance mimics an investment in a stock index, and works by providing a minimum return of 0 % (guaranteeing you will not lose money in any stock market crash), and an actual return according to what the market performs that year, usually up to a certain cap.

Both of these options provide investors with high risk-adjusted returns that are hard to find in other markets, which makes them a perfect base layer in the portfolio of any investor who wants to protect themselves from losing all their wealth in a potential market crash.

The insurance carriers featured at White Swan’s digital marketplace are some of the top carriers in the US, which have been around since the 1800s and have continually delivered stable returns to their customers through all major depressions and recessions in modern times.

In anticipation of an upcoming crash, intelligent investors have been stocking up on permanent life insurance holdings where they put their money on hold until they find value in the market once again.

Also the government sees the potential savior in permanent life insurance, and policymakers recently put new laws in place that help investors build up cash value quicker in their policies, as a way of helping to promote permanent life insurance as an asset class in the rocky times ahead.

The use of permanent life insurance at this phase of a market cycle is part of a classic strategy employed by investors to get better returns through market cycles, which consists of allocating a larger and larger portion of the portfolio towards very stable at the late stages of a market bubble, and then re-allocating funds to the fallen angels of the market bubble once prices have dropped.

With this strategy, investors might be losing out on some of the gains in the later stages of a market bubble, but in return, they lose much less once the bubble pops, and have more liquidity to invest in undervalued assets when the market is desperate.

The best way to use this strategy to acquire assets once the market drops with permanent life insurance is to take loans secured by the cash value of the policy, as excessive withdrawals from the policy can cause it to lose its tax advantages.

These loans can be received completely tax-free with interest rates as low as 3 %. Unlike regular loans, these loans don't require credit checks and don't even require regular payments as long as you have a sufficient cash value to allow the loan balance to grow.

By taking these loans once the market crashes, you only need to make a return higher than 3 % per year to be able to profit from undervalued assets, while still keeping your original cash value left inside the policy to grow.

As these investments mature, you should easily be able to pay back the loans, and start stocking up cash value once again to repeat the process in the next market crash.

While this strategy used to be hard to pull off, and had lots of potential pitfalls, such as dishonest advisors, poorly designed policies, and complicated processes, it is now easier than ever with White Swan’s digital platform for permanent life insurance.

With White Swan’s platform, you can easily get recommendations for the best policy for your situation, understand it better through easy visualization of key elements of the policy, and apply for it, completely online.

Once you own a policy that you have bought to White Swan, you will be able to easily take out loans from the policy to make the most out of future market cycles.

White Swan is operated by a group of experienced finance professionals, tech entrepreneurs, and life insurance industry veterans, and while they take a digital-first approach, their experienced staff is always available for help and advice.

In a world that has gotten stuck in a market bubble caused by the economic repercussions of a virus, investors are left with few options where they can escape the coming downfall of the current markets without getting next to nothing returns.

Wealthy families like the Rockefellers have long known about and used the benefits of permanent life insurance, but it wasn’t until recently that this asset class became available to everyone through the digital marketplace offered by White Swan.

With White Swan, anyone could easily start investing in permanent life insurance to establish a rock-solid base layer to their investment portfolios and protect their assets from the upcoming crash, while still getting competitive and tax-free returns.

So, to protect your assets from the upcoming market crash, forget about savings accounts, certificates of deposits, government bonds or fixed annuities; and enter a new age with the stability of permanent life insurance by getting a policy at White Swan today.

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