The Best Savings Rates are Available through Whole Life Insurance

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Saving in Whole Life makes You a Co-Owner of one of the Most Stable Businesses Ever

Life insurance companies earn money in a different way than banks. It is this difference that allows life insurance companies to offer much higher rates of returns than banks while still being just as safe.

High Minimum Guarantees Ensures Compounded Growth

The stability of the life insurance business allows our insurers to give out high guarantees of minimum yearly returns, which sets you up for long-term compounded growth.

A Permanent Tax Planning Tool, Unlike a 401(k) or IRA

Whole life insurance works like a turbocharged Roth IRA by not having contribution limits.

Guarantee Minimum Size of Your Account through Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones through the life insurance included in whole life policies and guarantee that your savings will grow to at least the value of your life insurance coverage during your life.

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The White Swan Advantage

By using technology we make it quicker, cheaper and simpler for you to save in whole life insurance than ever before.

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Access Liquidity Through Secured Loans

We make it simpler than ever before to take out loans for consumption or investments using your policy as a security.

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